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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Choosing Your Fabric

What a busy day we have had with this Beautiful Saturday.  So many of you have been in to pick out fabric for a new project, some of you have purchased new machines, some have come in to add more fabric to an ongoing project.   What ever the reason for your visit, we are so glad you came in to brighten our day!!

 Today one of our customers came in to show her friend how fun and versatile quilting is.  Her friend is retiring sometime in the future, and is thinking of taking up quilting.

I decided to show a couple of our traditional Log Cabin quilts that are all the same pattern, but different fabric. Thought this would help you to see how we all have different likes and preferences.  
So enjoy these couple of pictures.  Also know that we have kits for some of them.  So if you haven't been in, come on in and pick up a kit.