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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Story of a Quilt

Have you ever noticed that every quilt has a story.  Here is the story of this one.  One of our great customers works with inmates that are serving a life sentence.  She is teaching them how to quilt.  What a wonderful quilt that one of the inmates has made.

 The quilting on this quilt was all done free hand.  The sewing machines they use are all old ones that have been donated to them.  I think he has done an awesome job of quilting, especially for just learning.

I love to hear stories about quilts.   So always remember to share your story and label your quilts so in the future, your story can be still told.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Minnie Quilt

Ms. Sandy and her Minnie quilt.

Such an exciting day when Ms. Sandy and her granddaughter came to visit and show us their Minnie quilt done in pinks.  The Brother Dream machine has these awesome designs included with the machine.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week for Open House.  I can not wait to try the homemade brownies and soft serve ice cream.  

We have changed the store around, so come in and see all the fantastic quilts on display.