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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Applique a Country Winter Class!

Donna had to make 2 at a time which if I'm not mistaken are for Christmas gifts. Someone is going to be very lucky this Christmas!
Elaine is almost done! She has to finish quilting and add some buttons and binding!

Mary did all sorts of things to her quilt. She jazzed up his jacket and scarf with extra patchwork, added some snowflakes and stars...

... and she stuffed his cheeks with fluff and gave him a bewildered smile! Soo cute!

Anne Marie digitized her own font and personalized her quilt with her very own address! Cool idea!

Strip-piecing on a Foundation Fabric!

Pat fell in love with this lady's design so she had her make one for herself with a explosion of Asian Fabrics. The lady typically uses a sheet for her foundation, but Pat asked for Kona a higher quality solid cotton than your average muslin. She marks off a 1" strip down the middle of the white Kona block and that is her starting point. You lay your next strip down on the line and stitch, flip, lay next strip and soo on. The strips look like a variety of widths and I challenge you to use more fabric variety than Pat!!

Notice the pattern the white Kona makes when it shows through the middle of your block!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stunning Stack-n-Whackipedia!

Don't you just love the circles Donna quilted on her longarm?? (she longarm quilts for our customers, you should check her out sometime!)
Joan made her Stack-n-Whackipedia in a class here at Wilsons. I think she did a amazing job with her color combination!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Toya's Creation!

She quilted and designed her very own baritone lap dulcimer case! Don't you just love the batik fabric she chose??