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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heart Crazies!

Brenda's colors look like vintage victorian postcards! This pattern is by Buggy Barn, the idea is to stack your fatquarters, slice, shuffle, and sew! The hardest part is how wacky your edges come out, nothing lines up, it defies a true quilter's purpose of perfection...but it works beautifully if you just have a little faith and wack it straight! Gotcha curious don't I??

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Help me! I'm stuck in reverse...

I'm not sure how to teach her to go forward? She doesn't exactly crawl she scoots around and gets stuck under furniture! If I hear this squeak I know she is stuck yet again. She is like those sausage dogs that get stuck on their tummies!!

Anika loves HAIR!

She will eat your hair if you'd let her...Yuck!
She loves her Pap-Pap too!
Can't you tell? She thinks she has got it made, Pap-Pap around one finger and Grandma wrapped around the other!
Do I even stand a chance of raising a un-spoiled child?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mary's Log Cabin!

Don't you love the layout she chose? She brought her quilt top in to pick out a border fabric which ended up being a rich, rust stripe that she'll cut lengthwise and miter!

Sally's Beauty!

Sally is quite the gal tackling a queen size version of Judy Niemeyer's paper-pieced Wedding Star Pattern! This particular quilt is a quite a challenge and has frustrated more than one of our quilters with its curved piecing technique!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bow Tuck Tote!

Our version was made in shabby chic colors, but Rebecca stepped out with a bit of Asian influence!For those of you who are just getting into bags, fusible fleece by Floriani Stabilizer will give your bag stability that you normally get with a pre-quilted fabric! We sell it in 1 yd packs!

Cindy's Snowmen Quilt...Finished!

Cindy is one of the few that picked out her own fabric for Joy's Snowmen Quilt! Check out her border she used a white quilting thread to make her snowflakes show up! Beautiful...