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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Log Cabins, One Block Wonders, and NEW STUFF!

We had a Log Cabin Reunion last night. And this time we got every ones picture and didn't lose any! To start the evening off, Valerie came in her awesome car! I would love to tell you what it is but I'm not that good with old cars

Maxine & Brenda

Donna & Valerie

Mary sent her quilt mother-in-law, but she brought a picture =)

Michele (Loretta's daughter) brought Loretta's first Log Cabin quilt, hand-pieced, hand-quilted.

Loretta and her new Log Cabin. Machine pieced, Machine quilted!

Sandy & her daughter, Tara

Jordan, Ashley, & Nancy (daughters and Mom) We had quite a few families taking classes. =)

Jean & Joyce

Rose, Jane, and Carolyn

Denise & Kathy


Misty did two :o

Christine & Faye

Renee & Linda

Doris & Doris =)

Doris also made a Trip Around The World.

and last by not lest, Jane! Very Good Job, Ladies!!
Jane made the Heart Crazies quilt also.

And we had One Block Wonder class. Check out all these awesome quilts!

And NEW STUFF!! Need a place to store your rulers?
New fabric! Half of this is Amy Butler's Lotus line, and the other half is Marcus Brothers, Bleeker Street.
After waiting countless months! Vikings new Fab-U-Motion is in!!! An larger fabric mover with stitch regulator! We put it on the new Sapphire. The combination is a 10" quilting surface. =)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ramblings by Wilsons

Here is more random pictures from the past few months. More gorgeous quilts, and inspiration is always a good thing!
Tina's Harvest Home.
Vicki's Stack 'N Whack Star.
Gail designed this quilt herself! Its her mountain side, the view from the windows of her house. =)
Fran's Lone Star.
Tracy's Lone Star.
Another Stack 'N Whack, The Stack 'N Whack Pinwheel.
An Applique Garden quilt. Free-motion appliqued flowers!
Mary Beth used all her scraps, making this gorgeous quilt.
We have new soap to wash your quilts. =)
Wilson's have trim! Bright trim! Fun trim! Trim of all shapes and sizes! =) Pillow trim, Purse trim!
Why cut up your fabric? When you could just view a beautiful selection of your favorite fabric every day! Beverly picked all her favorite bundles...and decorated her house with them!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Creative Quilting (and Sewing)

Neila proudly showing off her One-Block Wonder quilt. Its all done! Good Job!
John made this little wool wall hanging with his Smart 350P. A Pfaff Felting machine.
Mary picked the perfect border for her Bargello Quilt. I love the bright colors. Way different from our sample!
Linda has the top of her One-Block Wonder done. It makes me think of the beach. I think the beginning piece was sort of geometric and only had two dominate colors.
Sally vamped a quilted tote by using fashion fabric. At first, I didn't realize she had made it. I thought she bought from an upscale boutique. =)
Nancy, our Batik lady, =) The quilt is paper-pieced and likes really intricate. She does such beautiful work and WOW! The quilting is just WOW!

Carol has this fast and easy quilt. I always love black & white quilts. The quilting on this one is incredible! She used decorative stitches from her Pfaff 2170!