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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Merry Christmas!

What is it about the holidays that just makes you nuts? Kathy here is modeling the latest, most fabulous "toupe" for all your hair loss needs. No, she was just unwinding bobbins, and I most likely will be fired for posting the pic, but it is good for laughs!
We have been really busy! Finishing up classes.
Working on Christmas gifts. Joys Stocking class went terrific!
Little cute snowmen embroideries. And don't forget to put a name on the cuff.

We will be closed from Tuesday, December 25, 2007 - Wednesday, January 2, 2008. We will be open Thursday, January 3, 2008.
Mean while we will have our little elves working on giving Wilson's a new look.
Our brand-new class schedule will be coming to you, while we are closed. As soon as we open 9:00, January 3, we will be ready to take your calls! So look at your schedules and decide what classes will work for you!
Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The "New Babys" Going Home!

Ok, we are finally returning after more technical difficulties. Our Pfaff Creative Visions are in and going to their new homes! Here Kathy is embroidering a full size quilt! That quilt is all inside the throat of our Creative Vision!!!
Now that is incredible!
Bonnie trying out the brand new Creative Grand Dream hoop, this is the largest hoop out there. Funny, Kathy can step right through this hoop!
Marshall & Walter giving them the once over, to make sure their perfect.
Two customers, who will remain unnamed for obvious reasons, are "pregnant". Their all excited waiting for their "new baby" =)
Sandra taking her new baby home! Yeah!!!
Marsha taking her Creative Vision to its new home! Congratulations Ladies!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Red Carpet Event!

We had our formal introduction for the Pfaff Creative Vision! We rolled out a red carpet, got all dressed up & let the Creative Vision do the rest!

Mr Ewald Cohrs graced us with his presence. He has been with Pfaff for 51 years! And he shared the history of Pfaff with us. It was very interesting to see how far sewing machines have come.

Mr Ewald "christening" the Creative Vision (with confetti)

Ta-Da! Presenting the Pfaff Creative Vision!

We set up seven different pods, and each one showed several new or improved features of the Creative Vision.
Miss Joy had the "funnest" pod. She was showing the awesome LED lights! In the closet! Lots of laughter coming from behind that closet door =)

Marshall showed the large hoops of the Creative Vision!

We had Walter showing things to!

And of course we had food. Cheese and crackers, awesome chocolate cake! Chocolate covered strawberries!

One of Kathy's friends does Gourmet Bouquets. Amazing carved fruit. These are edible, and delicious!

And after the party, Mr. Ewald was caught sweeping the floor =O Thank-you Mr. Ewald for coming to help out with The Grand Presentation!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Oct - Dec 2007 Class Schedule!!!

Our class schedule is officially done, Ladies!!! Local business, Copyquik The Printing and Graphics Place, did them for us! Their graphics department redesigned our layout, and they did it in Kathy time, which trust me, is fast!

The results? The very first ever, Wilsons full color class schedule!!
Eddie and Barry had their printer busy! Printing our 12,000 class schedules.
The printer cost like half a million dollars =0 and it can print 9,000 full color copies in just one hour! Thats pretty impressive!
Our class schedules were finished up in one day! And we had them sent to you ;)



Monday, September 10, 2007

Pfaff Convention 2007!!

Miss Kathy learning all about the new machine! She must be cold, the hotel was like 40 degrees and she's sitting on her hands ;) We all took classes on the new machine.
Bev threading her machine. Check out the light this new Creative Vision has =0
Joy threading her Creative Vision. Do you see that USB port on the side? Thats how you get your designs to your machine. Fast & Easy! Love It!
Donovan embroidering! He did pretty well, he's never sewn before! Do you see that embroidery arm? So much room in those hoops!
LaVonne just placed her notions order, early! As we speak all those new cards, hoops, and goodies are on their way to Wilsons! =)
Speaking of new cards. Here is the new Pfaff Grand Dream CD - 404. A new card for our new Grand Dream hoop! I know exactly what I want to do with it =)
A new monogram card, Floral Monograms - 407!
Look what we can do with our awesomely huge hoops =0
A new quilting card, Feather Quilting - 408
As always we had the "Pfaff models" This were the dresses! All done on the Pfaff Creative Vision! Gorgeous!

The last evening there was this big Gala Dinner. Wilsons crew got dressed in their best. Donovan and Bonnie all cute together!
Beverly, Bonnie, LaVonne, Joy =)
The whole crew, Kent & Joy, Walter, Beverly, Marshall & Kathy, Bonnie & Donovan, LaVonne
Dallas was good to us. The best convention I've been to, for obvious reasons ;) Dallas skyline was gorgeous & the city was clean. We went up into the Reunion Tower to get a better view! (Sigh) And now we're home, awaiting our Creative Vision.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our Brand New Pfaff!!!!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!! We have finally seen the Pfaff Creative Vision, Pfaff's Brand-New Top of the Line!!!!
Check out that hoop area!! The pictures don't even do the machine justice, just wait til you see it in person!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

D.C. & Baby Quilters

Hannah made this really (easy) warm, fuzzy throw. Hannah is 8 =)
Rebecca picked out the fabric for her new pillowcases. Now Grandma actually sewed them, but we'll give Rebecca all the credit. =)
We all went to D.C. on a segway tour! Before Charlene "deserted" us ;) We all looked soooo funny in our helmets, and we just had to share them with you=) Bev, Char, & LaVonne in our helmets.
Char learning how to drive her segway.
Us going down the street. We became a tourist attraction =)
The Wilsons extended crew, in front of the White House.
There is so much to see in DC! We live so close & haven't seen some really cool things in DC. For example the Supreme Court Building.
Here is the Capital building. Very nice at night, with the lights, and water. =)