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Friday, October 20, 2006

Software Class

One of our many software classes! If you buy your 3D Embroidery Software at Wilsons. We will teach you how to use it. =)

Pfaff Event

On Wednesday, Sept 13. We had a Pfaff Event, were we showed off our brand new Pfaff hoops and embroidery cards! The brand new Next Generation Quilters Frame! The Creative Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator! Wow! So much new stuff! Time to make a Christmas Wishlist!! =)
Our very full parking lot!
We split into three groups. LaVonne was in charge of Group 1. Cards, hoops, and a brand new candlewicking foot.
Bonnie with Group 2. She was showing the Next Generation Quilters Frame.
Kathy was heading up Group 3. She was showing them the endless possibilities of the Creative Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator!
Her awe struck audience =)
One of the perks of the evening? Bring your machine in and get a free upgrade! Marshall called in reinforcements as you can see. Donovan (Bonnies hubby), Bruce (Marshall brother), Walter (junior repairman).
I believe we had 22 Pfaffs in that night.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Kids Kamp

Kids Kamp ~ Summer 2006! The girls are modeling their brand-new PJ's. Great job, girls!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Never To Young To Quilt

You can never be to young to quilt ;)

Bettys Bearpaw Quilt

Betty brought this gorgeous Bearpaw quilt in. Trust me when I say it looks drastically different then ours.
Check out the quilting!!

Log Cabin Reunion

Our ABC's of Quiltmaking class, is our very basic beginner class. We see sooo many of these quilts go through our doors. Their owners move on to do another one Log Cabin or pick another slightly harder quilt. Before we know it they're experienced quilters. Its like watching your children grow. (sniff, sniff) =) Last class schedule we had genius idea! What if we had a Log Cabin reunion, and we could see all this quilts from the same pattern & each and everyone of them looks different. Our little reunion became a reality. The ladies came back in with their quilts and showed them off, then they had food & got to catch up with their classmates. =) Fun! Fun!
Gloria, you are a sweet heart=)
Nancy stepped outside the box, which we love!
Bonnie serving cake.