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Wednesday, September 6, 2006


The class had a challenge before them when they looked at the finished sample, Mariners Compass & Storm at Sea!

The block turned out to be a tough one, but gave a great feeling of accomplishment!

The class was full, but room for everyone. These are the kind of classes that people
dream about!

Shar at the class just before this one was walking across a folding table, when one of the set of legs decided to fold, she slid of and sprained her leg, we were worried about her getting a blood clot, and we had a customer's daughter who was a doctor to take a look at it. We then had a hard time keeping her off her feet, but here Marshall has persuaded her to ride on a roller chair!

Sandra visiting from North Carolina took the class with her Sister-in-law Caroline.
Group huddle? They looked stunned!

A staff session?

Lunch is on the way!

Good job Darlene! Everyone was very proud of there blocks!

Teacher approves Dorthy's!
Tamera buying more fabric 'cause she liked hers so much she wants to do more.

Fran loves Shar's technique, she has collected her books over the years & looks like she may need another!

Jackie & Gerry perfecto!

Teresa-teachers pet?? Teresa took all these pictures with her new camera. THANK-YOU Teresa!