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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Marshall took a multiday class offered by the sewing machine companies to repair circuit boards, after training, they passed out circuit boards and were told to close their books. Each dealership was graded on diagnois, replacement of soldered in part. Using multitester, and temperature controlled soldering iron. The result means we can do minor repairs to circuit boards in-house, resulting in fast turnaround and lower cost.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Lavonne goes to China

Lavonne is going on a missionary journey to China for 6 weeks, and will not return to civilization till the end of July. We will greatly miss her and pray for her safety. She has trained Walter to do her job while she is away, and he will be snowed with work! We had a cake to mark her leaving!

Where the name Wilson comes from

Sometimes we are called Mr, Mrs Wilson, which is fine, by us. But our last name is Martin. Here is a picture to explain. The business was started by the gentleman on the right, William R. Wilson in 1978. Marshall and Kathy Martin bought the business in 1989. The Lady to the left is Harriet Glasglow that operated Glasgow's Fabric in Chambersburg PA for many years. They live together at Quincy Village, after many years of living in Florida. We were honored by their visit, during our Pfaff truck experience! Bill Wilson was 69 when we bought the sewing machine repair business and we apprenticed under him. Today he is 85 and still driving!