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Friday, May 19, 2006


May 10 - 13, 2006, Our first Martha Pullen School! And WOW! We had soooo much fun! The students were great! The educators were awesome!! The food was delicious:)

The first classroom. Were everyone got to use brand spanking new Designer SE's! The educator's name is Deb Zedziniak. They made a baby bib & a wedding handkerchief.

Linda is sewing ribbon to a piece of lace. Looks tedious!!

This is a classic moment at our Martha Pullen School. Deb would start explaining something, and the ladies would just start circling around, hanging on her every word. :)

The second classroom. Were the ladies got to use brand new Viking 936's. Their educator was Jody Hooker. They made a camisole, half slip, & lingerie bag. Susan is modeling her camisole for us.

I think this is so cute:) Joanne must be afraid that her serger is going to run away with her camisole. It didn't. And Joanne actually took that machine home with her.

Beverly was lucky enough to take the class, and it looks like she started running her ribbon through the bridging. (And thanks to our Martha Pullen School. I actually know what bridging is!)

Lunch time!!

Time for another trivia question! Can anyone tell us what this...."thing" is?

Ann got it right! The "thing" is an anti-thumb-sucker. Yeah, I was thinking, with that piece of metal, it differently would not take long. By the way, Ann's prize was a box of votives generously donated, by Susan, to our bag of giveaways.

On Sat, the ladies got a break! No more sewing. Just fun stuff! Show & tell!!

This is only a few of Deb & Jody's samples.

This is Debbies show & tell. The doll is an antique. The limbs are wooden. The joints are bendable. And I believe it has a porcelain face, and a leather body.

Joanne brought a doll also. And I'm pretty sure, Joanne made the doll herself.

Gail is our seasoned 'heirloomer'. She made this little dress.

Gail found this blouse rolled up around her husbands model train cars! Its practically falling apart at the seams.

Linda brought a several dresses along. She has this dresses sitting around her Victorian house.

A close up of one of Linda's dresses.

Patricia bought this dress. I thought it was beautiful.

After show & tell. We had 'graduation'. All the ladies got their certificates signed by Deb & Jody. Hats off to Gerrianne, who survived the whole week while dealing with the death of her mother. She held up so well, I think, I would have cried the whole week. Gerrianne, you are in our prayers.

Miss Dixie was voted our best dressed. She came in every day dressed in these amazing suits. Which she made herself. This suit in paticular reminded me of Jackie Kennedy :)

Do any of you remember when Dorothys husband picked her up in a retro limo? Well on Sat. Mr. Mayer arrived to pick up Dorothy in a blue retro limo!

In his top hat and tux.

Kathy putting Dorothys new Viking 936 serger in the trunk :) Thank-you ladies, for the awesome week!!! It would not have been the same without any one of you! Thank-you again!! See ya next year ;) maybe Jody & Deb will come again :)

Friday, May 5, 2006

Viking Club Day!

Kathys "line up"! No I'm just joking :) Its our first Viking Club Day!!! Kathy show cased Digibobbe! The only fee: bring a show 'n tell! And the ladies really out did themselves! Several of them brought more than one! And as usual we took pictures, Yeah!!!

Vivian brought her Buttermilk Farm Quilt. She machine embroidered a big rose in each of the plain white blocks. She did such a good job! We're all proud of you, Vivian!

Hope is finishing up her Crazy Patch Tablerunner. She sewed lace down on her darker inner border. I just love the way it turned out!

Portia made this cute little heirloom outfit for a niece I believe. It was really cute!

Mary Beth made a purse. Except this is nnooo ordinary purse! She made the whole purse in an Des SE embroidery hoop!! Pretty cool! Huh?

Hazel brought a b-e-a-utiful Heart Strings Quilt! I love country colors, and this quilt I would love to take home with me ;)

Mae is finishing her Moda Berry Quilt. Weeelllll, you could call it her Safari Quilt. By the way, if you don't know Mae. Her signature is zebras in color, shape, or form :)

Bev made this awesome Lone Star wallhanging for her son. The instruments are paper-pieced and the star is made with Quiltsmart interfacing. The detail in amazing!

Susan brought her "Heirloom" table runner. She made it in Kathys Heirloom Table Runner class, and it doesn't look anything like ours.

Susan uses her table runner in her Egyptian style living room along with this Egyptian Quilt. She said it took forever to find the fabric. She has Swarovski Crystals 'hot-fixed' to her quilt. Using the Lorna Decorative Wand. She has about 1,000 crystals total on her quilt!!