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Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Wilsons runs quite a few classes in a single class schedule. And the ladies taking those classes are retired ladies, semi-retired ladies, grandmas, busy career women, and stressed out mommys. And not everyone has time to finish their projects in class. But Wilsons has a solution!

If you don't get your quilt done in class, you can come into our big back room and sew to your hearts content with help just a corner away.

This ladies are doing binding, quilting, piecing, cutting. A little bit of everything.

Hi Vivian! Bonnie and I have decided Vivians eyes twinkle or sparkle either description works =)

Collect Hummels??

Do any of you like the Hummels? Did you know that Pfaff has a new Hummel card? Its a limited edition so you need to get them while they are available!!

Micky Bond did a quilt using the first Hummel card. And it is just beautiful!! The colors are so quiet, and they really look like someone drew them. Pretty cool!