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Monday, February 27, 2006

Are they the same quilt?

Vicki Arnold's quilt! Gorgeous!!

Our quilt. Big difference. Right? I really don't know which one I like better. I think I'm leaning towards... Vicki's. I like ours. But I LOVE hers.

He's Soooooo Cute!!!

All in favor of making this cute little guy our new store mascot, say I. Marsha brought this adorable, energic fur ball in to see us last week.

Did I mention? I wanta puppy!!!! He is a Yorkshire Terrior. He's not a toy, he's a teacup. =)

Just look at he's cute little face. Who wouldn't want him? You know someone was telling me that this year is the Chinese Year of the Dog. Funny? Last week we had 3. No 4. No it was 3 different brand-new puppies in our store. Ironic?
P.S. By the way, the little guy's name is Killer!

Riding In Style.

Now this is riding in style. Dorothy Mayer came to class in this, 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood. 'Mr Dorothy', drives limos, among other things. He was learning to drive this one and stopped in to show it to us.

I didn't get a really good picture of the inside but it was pretty cool!!!! It would be a neat idea for a retro wedding.

Challenge to our customers. If you come visit us in a equally unique ride. You to can be on our blog. :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Share a little Love" Day

First the cutting

Then the embroidery
And wol-la a little baby blanket is born.
This adorable baby blankets are for the Washington County Hospital and their new premie ward.

Happy Valentines Day;)

Hugs and Kisses

Still Doing Christmas Projects?

One of our dear customers, Rose Mary, brought in this awesome little placemat. We just loved the designs she used on it. They are from our Embroidery Take-out collection.

Friday, February 3, 2006

A New Year & Brand-New Exciting Things!!

Wowwww! The New Year is off to a great start! The first week of January we redid the store. And by redid I mean, we rearranged a "few" things.

Hee Hee... even we can't find things now.

We brought the Grand Quilter & its frame out to the front room, and its set up to its full size! So all who have dreamed about this new baby should come out and run it for a few minutes. With the Cruise Control it sews better than ever!!

You ladies who were in the Jenny Haskins School may be happy to know. We have thee exclusive hand picked 24 pack of Robinson-Anton thread so your Roses For Mary designs will look just like Jennys :)

Hats off to the ladies, whose New Years resolution, was to learn how to quilt. Its tons of fun, relaxing(most of the time) & what you should really know. Completely addictive!!! Along those lines, one of our customers brought this beauty in. Its the Watercolor Star project we run. Valerie is the teacher. And our sample isn't nearly as gorgeous.

Ohhh, and another surprise, well we weren't really surprised. We knew it was coming just not together. Joy & her boyfriend Kent are engaged and Katrina & her boyfriend Kendrick are engaged also. They both happened over Christmas Vacation. You never know what will happen over a weekend or in this case a week:)