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Monday, November 21, 2005

Jenny Haskins School

We have been sooo busy this past week! We had a Jenny Haskins School and WOW! This is the first time we've had a class this big. 30 people enrolled! We were so EXCITED about the class, because if this goes well. We may be having more schools in the future Yippee!! :)
About a week before we started getting supplies for the class. The notions order. The doorprizes. The 30 brand new top of the line Pfaff 2170 with embroidery units.
And those 30 Pfaff 2170's had to be sent up on tables that took over our back room. Those of you, who have been here, know that was no small job. Kathy didn't realize how much stuff we had back there until we girls told her. Not another thing will fit in the front room :)
The Wednesday before the class we sit up everything. And we were putting samples up everywhere. The biggest sample was one of Laura Haynie's quilts. Using the Beyond The Color Purple embroidery card.
I got a close up of the center square. Its GORGEOUS!!
This a picture of the table runner they made. This was taken during the second embroidery. There were 3 embroideries. They did the two on the outside and then they did the center embroidery. Sounds complicated, I know, but the ladies pulled it off without any problems. (And most of them have never embroidered on a Pfaff.) Pretty impressive!!

This what the finished project looked like.
And this is the close up. They did free motion embroidery, and they used a stippling stitch off their Pfaff 2170 machines.
Gale and Vivian say hi. :)
Their project the second day was a shirt. The ladies bought the shirt themselves then "we" taught them to put 3 exclusive designs together to
create one awesome design. Here are a few of the finished shirts.
These two wonderful people are Dawn and Louis, the educators. :) They did such a good job, believe me! I would... Anyone of us girls would have been severely unhinged :) if we had to keep a class of 30 ladies together. And still be calm, cool, & collected. Dawn and Louis, You guys did an amazing job!
Just check out Dawns coat. She bought it a second hand shop, put a new collar on it. And hooped it 22 different times to create this incredible design!!!
Marie getting her Jenny Haskins' Pfaff School of Creative Inspiration Certificate of Achievement.
The class of Jenny Haskins School 2005
The last class of the weekend was a pillow. Which I didn't get a picture of. I'm not sure how I missed that. After class there was a Trunk Show/Fashion Show. And somehow Joy, LaVonne, and Beverly got suckered into being models. Don't know how that happened either. Dawn?
There were more pictures to take of the fashion show included 2 really awesome evening gowns. But our cameras battery's died. :-( I believe we have more pictures here at the store, so stop in. While your here be sure to ask Kathy about signing up for Jenny Haskins School 2006. ;) Hint. Hint. Kathy.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Wedding/Heirloom Quilt

One of our busy customers, Jo Raffensberger, made this quilt (wedding quilt) for her niece! It is AWESOME!!! I just had to take some close ups to show you the detail. Jo used her Des SE to machine embroider the names of everyone in the wedding party, and family members, I think. She then machine pieced & machine quilted her quilt.
Check out the feather embroideries she used to quilt the border. Beautiful!!