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Thursday, August 16, 2007

D.C. & Baby Quilters

Hannah made this really (easy) warm, fuzzy throw. Hannah is 8 =)
Rebecca picked out the fabric for her new pillowcases. Now Grandma actually sewed them, but we'll give Rebecca all the credit. =)
We all went to D.C. on a segway tour! Before Charlene "deserted" us ;) We all looked soooo funny in our helmets, and we just had to share them with you=) Bev, Char, & LaVonne in our helmets.
Char learning how to drive her segway.
Us going down the street. We became a tourist attraction =)
The Wilsons extended crew, in front of the White House.
There is so much to see in DC! We live so close & haven't seen some really cool things in DC. For example the Supreme Court Building.
Here is the Capital building. Very nice at night, with the lights, and water. =)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Events! Classes!

Ok ladies, we have had a few events lately. First up was a Betty Cotton Retreat. Wednesday night before the classes started we had a trunk show. Betty showed us all her fabulous quilts!
Here are the ladies, sewing away on their Pfaff 2170's! Everyone really enjoyed their class. Thank-you, Betty! =)
First they quilted their centers using embroidery.
Next they pieced their table runners together using Bettys quilting as you go technique.
Using the decorative stitches on the Pfaff 2170 to sew their fold seams.
Almost done, we've got one more strip on either side!
And we're done! Check this out, we have an awesome table runner, turn it over. And....
It's gorgeous on the other side too! =0 =)
Some other things have happened also. Mae's grandson, Austin, age 4. Made his very own quilt. He even quilted it on Mae's Grand Quilter!
A new set of MIY classes! We made a 3D embroidery flower! It didn't take very long and wow! We have flowers on totes, headbands, jeans! And it just keep going! =)
We had a one day seminar with Michelle Griffith. She sells elegant embroidery's and has these amazing projects!
We had a large 2170 class this time around. Eight ladies in the front class room...
eight ladies in the back class room! =0