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Saturday, December 24, 2005

New Quilter!!! No way...

Yes indeedy! Tammy is a brand-new quilter!! But you would never know it. She did the Stack 'N Whack Pinwheel. Its huge! Katrina & Tammy are standing on a table, hands above their heads, and the quilt is still touching the floor. Tammy did such a great job with her first project. We thought had to her some web time. :)

Wuthering Heights

Check this out!! My favorite fabric series. Moda's Wuthering Heights. It is gorgous!!! And here it is in the Turning Twenty pattern. (Our favorite) And as usual I just had to have a picture. :)

Monday, December 5, 2005

Just another chaotic Saturday

This past Sat. We had yet another huge class in the back room. I'm telling you its becoming a trend. If you'd like to get in on the next one, keep an eye out for the new class schedule. Kathy is working on it as we speak. It should be in the mail the last week of Dec. (when we are closed) or the first week of January 2006 (we will be open on the 2ond at 9:00am). However for those of you online people. (shhh) The class schedule will be online BEFORE they go out in the mail. (that will be our little secret) ;)
Also on Sat, we had our last Harvest Home class. Its not from a
book :( Its from a brochure Moda put out with their Harvest Home fabric line. It uses quite a few fabrics, only like 16 or 18 or something. And when most ladies find it easier to buy the kit. There are a few creative ones who step outside the box. :) And creates an awesome "new" quilt. Marsha was one of those ladies. Just check out her quilt. Wow!

And just check out this table runner. Sandy took our Christmas Table Runner & totally revamped it into a country table runner.


And ours

New Baby!!!!!!

Jess finally had her baby. After almost 2 w's after her due date. On Nov. 30th. In the evening, I'm not sure exactly what time. She had a little girl (Jess was right). Her name Kathleen Grace. 8lbs 12 oz. We haven't seen her yet, but we are patiently waiting. :)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Jenny Haskins School

We have been sooo busy this past week! We had a Jenny Haskins School and WOW! This is the first time we've had a class this big. 30 people enrolled! We were so EXCITED about the class, because if this goes well. We may be having more schools in the future Yippee!! :)
About a week before we started getting supplies for the class. The notions order. The doorprizes. The 30 brand new top of the line Pfaff 2170 with embroidery units.
And those 30 Pfaff 2170's had to be sent up on tables that took over our back room. Those of you, who have been here, know that was no small job. Kathy didn't realize how much stuff we had back there until we girls told her. Not another thing will fit in the front room :)
The Wednesday before the class we sit up everything. And we were putting samples up everywhere. The biggest sample was one of Laura Haynie's quilts. Using the Beyond The Color Purple embroidery card.
I got a close up of the center square. Its GORGEOUS!!
This a picture of the table runner they made. This was taken during the second embroidery. There were 3 embroideries. They did the two on the outside and then they did the center embroidery. Sounds complicated, I know, but the ladies pulled it off without any problems. (And most of them have never embroidered on a Pfaff.) Pretty impressive!!

This what the finished project looked like.
And this is the close up. They did free motion embroidery, and they used a stippling stitch off their Pfaff 2170 machines.
Gale and Vivian say hi. :)
Their project the second day was a shirt. The ladies bought the shirt themselves then "we" taught them to put 3 exclusive designs together to
create one awesome design. Here are a few of the finished shirts.
These two wonderful people are Dawn and Louis, the educators. :) They did such a good job, believe me! I would... Anyone of us girls would have been severely unhinged :) if we had to keep a class of 30 ladies together. And still be calm, cool, & collected. Dawn and Louis, You guys did an amazing job!
Just check out Dawns coat. She bought it a second hand shop, put a new collar on it. And hooped it 22 different times to create this incredible design!!!
Marie getting her Jenny Haskins' Pfaff School of Creative Inspiration Certificate of Achievement.
The class of Jenny Haskins School 2005
The last class of the weekend was a pillow. Which I didn't get a picture of. I'm not sure how I missed that. After class there was a Trunk Show/Fashion Show. And somehow Joy, LaVonne, and Beverly got suckered into being models. Don't know how that happened either. Dawn?
There were more pictures to take of the fashion show included 2 really awesome evening gowns. But our cameras battery's died. :-( I believe we have more pictures here at the store, so stop in. While your here be sure to ask Kathy about signing up for Jenny Haskins School 2006. ;) Hint. Hint. Kathy.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Wedding/Heirloom Quilt

One of our busy customers, Jo Raffensberger, made this quilt (wedding quilt) for her niece! It is AWESOME!!! I just had to take some close ups to show you the detail. Jo used her Des SE to machine embroider the names of everyone in the wedding party, and family members, I think. She then machine pieced & machine quilted her quilt.
Check out the feather embroideries she used to quilt the border. Beautiful!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Joys Snowmen Quilt

You know ladies, I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!! Christmas is getting closer and closer. And even though some people think I'm crazy. I wanted to play Christmas music, like last month! (Kathy said no) So I'll just have to wait closer to Thanksgiving. :)
So staying in the Christmas spirit. Enter Joys Snowmen Quilt. It has 11 different embroideries in it, including 2 rather intricate scenes. Everyone just seems to fall in love with this one. I don't know if its the quilt itself or the cute adorable snowmen gracing it's top:) Either way the class has been a huge success as you can see in the picture below. Our class is slaving over their machines. Embroidering like crazy.

This is what their finished project may resemble. :) And its only one square! Remember there's 9 more squares just like this one. Well not just like it, but you know what I mean. :)

By the way, Joy used 5 different embroidery designs to create this scene. :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Log Cabin Class

Our beginners class is wrapping up their Log Cabin quilts. And WOW do they look good!!! So good in fact that Donna requested I put their pictures on-line for all to see.:) Just check out how different each one is, and notice their blocks are layed out to create a wonderful design.

We just love this bright quilt and the design. We don't get a lot of bright Log Cabin quilts. Everyone does them in traditional colors. Those are gorgeous, but we love when someone steps outside the box to create a more contemporary feel with a traditional pattern!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Turning Twenty Class

Donna's class, Turning Twenty, has been a huge hit! She was 4 classes this class schedule, and this is the first time we've run it!! This quilt is awesome! It does great with fabric lines, seasonal or theme fabric. And it always ends up just fabulous!!
This first quilt is using the same fabric line that Donna used in Bonnie's wedding gift. Which you can see on one of our other blogs.

This quilt is from a fun, bright Moda line.

This quilt inspired more fall bundles.

Another pastel bundle.

This quilt was made by Tammy. It was her idea to make a Turning Twenty in Christmas fabric. We liked it sooo well. We made Christmas bundles. Then Fall bundles. Who knows what else will follow, anything's possible! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wilson's On The Road

This past Monday, we had a stand set up down at the Valley Mall. Joy was nominated to "babysit" the stand. She said it went pretty good. Everyone was fascinated by the Pfaff 2170 that she took along. She had the machine embroidering flowers all day. She also met a few new customers. Welcome to Wilsons, ladies!!:)

Friday, October 7, 2005

Iris's Friendfolk

One of our fine, fine customers, Iris, showed up a her Friendfolk quilt class. Her top was finished and she had added two borders of the log cabin (we only had one) Her quilt is huge! The fabric she used in the log cabin is scrappy and just wow! And I loved how she added little touches of herself in this quilt. I don't know if you can see it, but on the picture to your left. The house has a little scotty dog button. There are other little stuff like the flower in the girls hat, & the flower buttons on the flower pot. This class wasn't completely full, & most of the ladies, we've known simply forever:)
They had a lot of fun doing this class, I didn't ask them but the noise volume speaks for itself ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2005

New Girl :)

Ladies, we have a new employee at Wilsons. Her name is Beverly. She's sweet, a little quiet (but personally I don't think thats going to last long) not around here :) She catching on really well, we have her cutting demo kits & bundles like nobody's business. You all should come in to meet her.

Saturday, October 1, 2005


Calling all you machine owners & want-a-bee machine owners! Wilsons is having a anniversary sale. We are celabrating 16 yrs of business. And so, Oct 14 & 15 our Viking & Pfaff machines are on sale. Starting at $200. There is one year, intrest free finacing available. Also when you buy a machine from us, we teach you how to run it with new machine owners classes. Our hours are 9:oo am - 8:00 pm on Fri, Oct 14 & 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Sat, Oct 15. We'll see ya there :)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Their Back!!!

Donovan & Bonnie are back from their honeymoon. Their cruise want wonderful. Miss Rita didn't bother them at all. They woke up to a different beach every morning, & spent most of the day laying on the soft sand, soaking up rays, listening to the sound of the waves, working on their tans even if Bonnie is sure hers is disappearing.
After a rather eventful grocery shopping trip, Kathy only got like 3 phone calls, "Mom we are in the spice aisle, what can't I live (cook) without." They did pretty good. The evening after they got back, they opened their lovely wedding gifts. Thanks to all who gave her something, she was amazed that you all thought of her. One of the last gifts she opened was from Donna. A BEAUTIFUL quilt!! Using the Turning Twenty pattern & the Mary Rose Coll. from Robert Kaufman. And yes that is it to your left, Kathy snagged it for a couple of days to display with the fabric. You should see the quilting on this one!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Donovan & Bonnie's Wedding - part 2

It was so sweet, Donovan would hold up Bonnies "tails" when she was walking across the grass.

The "man" of the hour ;) Heidi's little boy, Damon.

(Behind the scenes) picture taking at Wilma's photography. Still more pictures coming.